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Salam semua..kalo tengok title kat atas tu mesti semua tertanya2 biar betul minah ni..takkan berpantang dengan PB kot? Tak sakit ke? Sebenarnya boleh..kan PB ni 70% kesihatan 30% kecantikan?

Nak cerita lebih2 saya takde experience la kan..almaklumlah single saya share pengalaman bakal CDM FAZI ye


Traditional Confinement Method (Without Premium Beautiful)
Since I started wearing Premium Beautiful, I have experienced many positive effects. First and foremost, I felt major changes in my body– The sides of my body became narrower… And it has also uplifted my body shape.

Many people have disbelief that Premium Beautiful can really help weight loss? It is very easy and of course possible – the person must religiously wear Premium Beautiful at a minimum of 8 hours per day.  Drinking of plenty of water can also assist in detoxification.

Now, let me share my confinement experience with Premium Beautiful.

After my first child was born, I used the traditional confinement wrap (bengkung) which was quite complicated to wear because it had many strings on it, like shoe laces. I have always been an active person, so even during confinement, I used to walk and moved around like normal, not like someone in confinement period. I did not mean to be careless, but I was still getting used to being a mother and I felt that I need to attend to my crying newborn quickly. Therefore, the delivery wounds healed slowly. Even after 44 days, I could still feel the pain and stinging.

I used my stomach to support my chubby baby.. 'cool' huh..?

After wearing Premium Beautiful for Confinement

Not long after I gave birth to my second child, I started wearing Premium Beautiful (I was still in confinement period). Although I just had labour, I did not haste to start wearing it after knowing about its benefits. Many people doubt about the safety of wearing Premium Beautiful during confinement, especially when I tell them that it is safe to wear even after 3 days of delivery. The normal concern is if it would hurt to wear Premium Beautiful during confinement? Of course not! Wearing Premium Beautiful is really easy and you don’t have to open your legs widely for it to fit in. With Premium Beautiful, my perineal wound recovered within 2 weeks of delivery – Inside and outside! Unlike my first delivery, I did not feel the pain or stinging and my recovery was assessed and confirmed by the nurse.

I was really happy, who wouldn’t be right? My husband was also very impressed with my progress and the effects of Premium Beautiful Corset. For your information, Premium Beautiful is also known as “Abang Sayang” product. Why? Only Premium Beautiful wearers and their husbands would know… =D

The best part is, I lost the pregnancy belly quickly without applying ‘param’.

After 6 months wearing Premium Beautiful, CONSISTENTLY..!
No picture editting ok..

One more that I want to share is the benefit of using Premium Beautiful for nursing mothers. I am 200% for breastfeeding and wearing Premium Beautiful has enhanced my nursing experience. Unlike most nursing bras, Premium Beautiful has underwire and this will help to shape the breasts and prevent from sagging.  Premium Beautiful enhances the production and flow of the breast milk, simultaneously helps to shape and firm the breasts.

Why Premium Beautiful an benefit nursing mothers and mothers in confinement?

  • Its bra cup is elastic and capable of supporting 1 size larger (nursing breasts will swell to 1 size larger when the milk is full)
  • Premium Beautiful bras are  lined with cottons and allow the skin to breathe comfortably
  • The bra is well-fitted; therefore it will not inhibit the breasts from growing. Unlike normal nursing bra, wearing Premium Beautiful can prevent nipple infection and provides comfort to the wearer
  • Premium Beautiful can be worn at ease and to breastfeed, you can comfortably pull the cups downwards. Therefore, baby can be fed quickly and the breasts are still supported by the cups, therefore giving them a lift.

How do I wear Premium Beautiful during confinement?

During confinement, I wore Premium Beautiful during the day (from 6 am to 7 pm). At night, I will use the traditional wrap (bengkung) so that I can wash Premium Beautiful. After washing, I would hang the set to dry and it would be dry and ready to wear for the following day. It dries very easily. No fuss at all…!

The secret is WEAR it CONSISTENTLY 8 hours a day..!

The Benefits of Wearing Premium Beautiful during Confinement

1.    You can wear Premium Beautiful without help of others.

2.    It helps to shrink the womb and improves post-pregnancy belly shape, whether you had normal or caesarian delivery. This will be faster and better if you breastfeeds too!

3.    It can improve blood circulation, therefore it can remove the blood discharge in the womb (nifas) better hence improving your well-being even after 1 week of labour

4.    Tightens your breasts, thigh, waist and stomach

5.    Supports the backbone, therefore reduces the back pain of new mothers while nursing. This is because Waist Nipper helps to support the postures.

6.    The Long Girdle was specially designed to strengthen the womb muscles and improve its position.

Every woman is invaluable. If you take good care of yourself, you will be able to provide the best to your family.

And Premium Beautiful is the best investment for your health and body.

Last but not least..
With the same pose (well, more or less the same), but with different son & of course DIFFERENT SIZE..!

p/s: No picture editting ya.. ;)

Sekarang dah percayakan yang PB boleh dipakai semasa berpantang?


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